A Trip To Irelands Beautiful Kilkenny And Wicklow From Dublin

Kilkenny and Wicklow are two beautiful Irish regions that span the day and night, no matter the time of year. Kilkenny, located in the heart of Ireland’s West Central region, is a popular tourist destination known for its centuries-old architecture and pubs. Wicklow, located to the east of Kilkenny and close to Dublin, is known for its scenic coastline and lush green countryside. 

If you're thinking of visiting Ireland's beautiful Kilkenny and Wicklow tour from Dublin, then you will want to know how to get there. Dublin is the closest major city, located about an hour away by car. However, if you're looking to take in the stunning countryside and small villages that make up these counties, then a bit of planning is required. 

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The best way to see Kilkenny and Wicklow is by car or train. Both offer great views of the countryside and are relatively easy to get around. The main tourist towns in these counties are Kilkenny City and Wicklow Town, both of which have plenty of shops, restaurants, and bars. If you'd like to explore more remote areas of the counties, then a rental car or bike can be a great option. 

If traveling by train, the two most popular routes are the Dublin-Rosslare Eurostar route and the Irish Midland Railway route between Dublin and Wexford. Both routes offer great views of the countryside as well as some interesting historical sites like Sligo Castle and Arklow Castle.