Advantages Of Using EHR Systems And Software

EHR or Electronic Health Record is a technology developed for the use of healthcare institutions and healthcare professionals. It is commonly used the same way as a paper-based medical or health record is used, which is to record their patient's medical and health condition.

But unlike the use of paper-based medical or health records, the 1st providers choice EHR software made it far easier and more convenient for healthcare professionals to store, retrieve, and modify a patient's medical or health record compared to the use of paper-based records.

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Other than just for easy storage, retrieval, and modification of medical and health data, the use of EHR has also improved many processes that are done in any healthcare institution as well as the quality of healthcare service by medical professionals.

Advantages of using EHR Systems and Software

One of the main advantages of using EHR software and systems is that it can significantly reduce costs used to maintain the old procedure of storing medical and health records.


According to many experts, it is a standard in the US that medical and health records are to be stored for 7 years. Larger healthcare institutions, such as large hospitals, produce vast amounts of health records that their own storage spaces can accommodate. This is the reason why many of these would rent a space outside the premises to store their other data.

The use of EHR systems had made storing health data easier and more convenient. Compared to paper-based records, EHR systems would only produce digital data that can be stored in small digital storage space, such as a Hard Disk Drive, which can also be easily stored within the institution's own premises.