All About Vape Accessories

There are three essential accessories for any device:

  • USB charging cables
  • Batteries
  • Charger for batteries

Without these accessories, your device will cease to function. Accessories can become more personal and individualized once this need has been met.

Vape accessories are vital for vaping. Other accessories, such as tanks, coils, and e-juice for box mods and e-liquid vapers, are required depending on the type of vaping. Vaping accessories are also incomplete without nicotine salt juice.


The consumer can do whatever they want. They can accessorize their personal electronic devices as well as their vaping devices if they like them. They won't need accessories if they are the exact opposite.

High-wattage vape mods, and rebuildable atomizers(RBAs), are the most commonly used accessories for vaping. Box mods are extremely complex and top-level vaping devices that require more effort and care than disposable e-cigs or vape pens.

Box mods require batteries, or not. They can also have built-in batteries and/or a USB charge. Tanks are an accessory for box mods. To give an example, tanks can be outfitted with glass expander tubes that increase e-juice capacities, different coils with varying resistances and materials, as well as different drip tips/mouthpieces. 

Rebuildable tanks (RTAs (Recyclable Drug Abuse), RDAs (Recyclable Battery Acids), or RBAs) can be made from a variety of DIY supplies. These include wires, wick material (cotton silica, steel mesh), as well as ohms readers. All of these are essential for their maintenance and use.