Characteristics of 3M Clear Bra Paint Protection Film

A new product has been designed to protect the paint from such effects. The 3M clear bra paint protection film or PPF is an entirely transparent film that is applied over the paint in order to protect it from the already mentioned effects.

This transparent film is usually applied to the vehicle's highest impact zones – the ones that are most likely to suffer damage. You can get more information about clear bra in Long Island via

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It is very durable and it comes with several practical advantages that make it more desirable over other protective films like the leather bra, for example.

Film can also be applied to car headlights. Here, the transparent bra also fulfills its protective function and prevents build-up accumulation. This protective film is suitable for use on any surface that needs to be protected from scratches and impacts.

According to many reviewers, the color protection provided by transparent bras is unmatched in the market. PPF is very easy to use. Some customers prefer to entrust their car to a professional. An alternative is to choose a mobile PPF installer which will allow you to place movies on your car in a home setting.

A transparent film for bra protection is available on rolls. The clear adhesive side makes it easy to attach the film to the surface of the vehicle. Each roll is of a specific size, varying from six to about 60 inches wide. This film is suitable for special cutting to fit a specific part of a car.

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