Get to Know the Rules of Axe Throwing

Playing an axe throwing game sounds pretty simple but just like other sports it also has some rules. You need to understand some specific guidelines before you think of playing the game. You have to follow the rules in order to enjoy and win the game. 

If you do not follow the rules of axe throwing, then there are chances that you may lose. You can also hurt yourself with an axe and it can also be dangerous for the participants involved. You can enjoy playing axe throwing games in Santa Clarita at Paintball USA.

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It is mandatory to learn the rules and regulations before participating in any sport. You can need specific tools and equipment for playing and safety. Axe throwing is a simple game and it just requires three things:- 

1. A suitable axe:- Throwing an axe is really a difficult task if your axe is not of proper size. The axe used in the game tends to be at least 12 inches in length. It cannot weigh more than 2 pounds. The cutting edge of the axe thrown should not be less than 4.75 inches otherwise it will miss the target. 

2. A target to aim:- Axe throwing game has a target that consists of five wooden planks. The planks are placed vertically but next to one another. There is a difference of ten inches across and four feet long between each plank. It also has a thickness of two inches. Target also consists of 6 circles or rings. These circles and rings have point values of their own.