How To Cook Thai Food?

If you're searching for authentic Thai cuisine at home, you'll want to check out these recipes. Whether you're cooking for one or a group, each of these recipes is easy to follow and delivers on the flavor your taste buds crave.

This soup is hearty and fragrant, with coconut milk giving it a rich and creamy texture. You can enjoy it as is or add some chicken, shrimp or calamari for extra protein. Pad Thai is a favorite street food in Thailand, and it's easy to make at home too. 

The green curry paste used in this recipe gives it a distinct flavor that will transport you straight to Thailand. The soup is full of vegetables and authentically spiced; perfect for cool weather months. Be sure to use fresh ingredients whenever possible for the best results. If you want to know more information about Thai food, you can search via online sources.

Thai food

This hearty soup is brightened up with fresh lime juice and red curry paste. It's an easy, low-fat meal that requires very little hands-on time. You can adjust the spiciness by adjusting the amount of red curry paste used or adding more coconut milk to get your desired level of heat. 

If you can't find Thai coconut milk (also called kaffir lime milk), you can use full-fat canned coconut milk instead. To make it vegan, use vegetable broth.Yam Soup (Sweet Coconut Soup)The vibrant sweet flavor of this soup comes from the thinly shredded yam and palm sugar that are added near the end of cooking. 

Sweet Sticky Rice Rolls This is a simple dish of sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. The end product is an exotic-tasting but very healthy snack that is perfect for kids.