Is Lemongrass Essential Oil Good for You

Lemongrass essential oil got to have a knife and leaves of grass steam distilled. Lemongrass is commonly used in cooking, but high concentrated oil can be used for many other benefits. Lemon fragrance is used in producing a variety of conventional cleaners and because it might be reminded chemistry when you inhale the essential citronella oil.

The advantages

Lemongrass essential oil comes with a number of health benefits.

· Supporting and improve healthy digestion

· It relaxes the muscles and tendons were sore

· It reduces feelings of depression and weight of most people feel when they are emotionally or mentally disturbed

Using essential oils of lemongrass

Before using essential oils of lemongrass, test on a small area of skin to determine the sensitivity of the skin and allergies.

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 It is also very important to remember that excessive use of these oils can cause skin sensitization then there is the need to use a little for the best results. When applying it, to preserve the nose, ears and eyes.

1. For joint pain and muscle strains, combine equal amounts of oil and coconut oil, then massage topically surrounding area giving you trouble. It will soothe the pain go away.

2. To promote healthy digestion, you can use it to flavor meat dishes and appetizers.

3. If you're looking for ways to keep the insects at bay while outdoors, rub some oil into your skin. It works wonders in repelling insects.