Make beautiful pieces of melted art glass by pouring the pot

How do you want to use a plain old ceramic stove without a controller to make the most beautiful molded glass pieces? Now that's the poured pot.

Also known as an aperture, the idea is to place broken glass in a crockpot and bring your oven to 1700F, at which point the liquid glass will melt the hole in the bottom of the pot, in hopes of creating a complicated design. You get to know more about best frit casting through the web sources.

It's easy to make everything you need: something to hold the glass like a clay pot, something to catch the glass, and a tampon.


We used terracotta clay pots without the Lowes price of $ 1- $ 4. We do not wash the ovens. We drill additional holes in the larger one. Pot-sizes are generally 2 ", 4", 6 "and 8".

Try buying an "azalea" type pot because the pot is wider on a better base, trust me. Drill a larger hole in the bottom of the pot to make the glass flow more smoothly.

In 6 "and 8" pots, drill lots of holes, perhaps 6 to 8, as this will create a more attractive design. Be sure to use a rock drill. They won't break the pot, it's cheap, and it will last forever.

Washing oven

I use Bullseye and do a 1: 1 or 1.5: 1 mixing ratio with water. Yes, I know it is thick but it protects the shelf at this high temperature.


This is optional because you can let the glass fall onto the oven rack. Make sure to use a lot of extra-thick kiln leach.

If you are too nervous to let the glass fall onto the oven rack, use a ceramic plate of various sizes to catch the glass.