Services Provided By the Yacht Management Company In Palm Beach

A yacht management company in Palm Beach is a business that deals with all the tasks, large and small, included in the running of a yacht. The company performs these tasks on behalf of the vessel's owner. They involve the boat's economics and accounting, safety and crew management, operations control, technical support, insurance, managing refits, and new construction.

By hiring a specialist agency owners are relieving themselves of a whole host of the problems when it comes to safety and success. The agency of Palm Beach offers you professionally expert captain services to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Running a yacht can be very much seen as a business, and the management company of Palm Beach will help set budgets as well as take care of accounts and auditing. This includes the payment of a crew's wages and buying supplies a well as the day-to-day running of the craft.

Safety onboard a boat is an international legal requirement under the ISM and Mini ISM System regulations. In this regard, the agency duties of Palm Beach include promoting safety and awareness on the yacht, and ensuring the crew is aware of their responsibilities as far as safety for those on board is concerned.

They are also responsible for the hiring of crews ensuring their on-board competence and their welfare. They also liaise with the captain in the operation of the vessel and its technical support.

Periodically, all vessels have to undergo a refit. An agent can assist in arranging this, either for routine maintenance or complete refits, and will also arrange the drawing up of plans and the supervision for the construction of a new yacht.