Some Basic Mistakes That Web Designers Should Avoid

Web design is a process of representation of graphic dynamic web content to build a site visually appealing. Most web designers are making a common set of errors while web-design.

In a creative field, mistakes are good to take place, because the errors are most effective learning tool. In fact, mistakes sometimes acts as an important step in the field of web-design.

But there are some basic mistakes that almost all web designers used to make when designing a web portal that could let them down in front of customers. Below, the discussion has many key errors that every designer should absolutely avoid. Read more here:

Avoid fancy fonts unreadable: There are fonts that can really give a sophisticated look website but are not readable. The intention to make a web portal is to simply convey the message in the form of content to potential visitors online. Therefore, a web designer should avoid using tiny, unreadable fonts.

No badges: Nobody can deny the fact that the badges used to make a web portal look very professional. So, it is quite advisable to place recognition badges mainly to the "About us" to the look of a clean, professional website.

Complex URL structures: A designer should always avoid URL complex structure. The main use of the intent behind simple URL structure by keywords that increase the chances of online visibility. These types of URL structures is mainly used to improve traffic rates.

Avoid "drop down" menus: The main reason web designer should say no to the drop-down menus is that they may tend to information and hereby hide readers Confuse.