How to Recognize Actual Mil-Spec 550 Paracord

550 paracord can be used to create shelters and fishing baits. Its internal strands can be divided to be used as sutures and as dental floss. Use it to replace a broken shoelace or twice to rappel down a cliff. If you want to buy a paracord sinker cord visit .

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Lately, paracord has risen in popularity among civilian survivors. To meet this new requirement, many discount providers emerged offering low-cost and unreliable twine, but at a reasonable price.

Just like luxury and economy cars exist, there are unique attributes of paracord. Confusingly, most are promoted under the phrase "550 paracord" which identifies this rating (or fracture) of power in pounds. The safe workload is much lower than that, which explains why you have to double (or triple) your string in dangerous weight-bearing applications like climbing and repelling.

Also, even though the paracord is labeled "550" it does not indicate that it is mil-spec (it would pass the excellent army control specs).

Commercial and Military Grade 550 Paracord:

The military-grade 550 will have a minimum of 7 tightly wired internal wires. Therefore, the string will normally have a diameter slightly larger than the industrial equivalent.

The key differentiating mark of mil-spec paracord is that those inner strands will be color-coded. This is required by the military for quality control functions and is unique to each producer.