Parts of The Home Security Systems

Home security system has many different parts. Knowing what these pieces and how they work will help you decide what you need to build a complete alarm system for your home or business.

The main part of any burglar alarm system is the control panel. These panels are usually hidden in a closet, basement or mechanical room in the house. It is the brain. All other parts are controlled by this unit. It also has all the necessary contacts to non-wireless devices.


Glass-Break: The detector works as the name implies; detect glass breakage. When the glass is broken, emits sound at a specific wavelength. The detector wavelength monitor and alarm when detected. You can explore for choosing the best home safety services online.

This motion detect motion in the area. their sensitivity, on many models, can be adjusted. Many modern motion detector that will avoid set-off when one of small pets to move indoors.

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Contact door / window: The device is set off when a door or window is opened. It can be located inside the door / window frame or can be attached to the belt of the window or the door itself.

Fire Alarm: Most people do not know the fact that you are more likely to have a fire in your home rather than having thieves.

Water Detector: Have you ever had a water heater or washing machine floods your home? Well, there is a water detector that will set off your alarm system when a water leak is detected.

Carbon Monoxide Detector: This is as important as the fire alarm detector. Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless and essentially undetectable by humans. one detector can save your life.