Sunless Tan Products – What Are My Options?

There are various forms of sunless tanning available, and with the high demand for such tanning products, comes new and innovative ideas. Everything from a pill, to a bed, to a spray-on tan, to a lotion is available these days and the best part, you don't have to spend hours bathing in the sun.

Natural self tanner products such as spray-on tans are the most popular method these days among celebrities, primarily because spray tanning offers an even tan without the consequences, but there are many forms of sunless tanning available.

One of the favorites among many ordinary people has become the tanning bed. This is a bed-like structure that you lay in with UV rays shining onto your skin, after a few ten to fifteen-minute sessions you have the tan that you wanted without hours at the beach.

However, this method doesn't eliminate the consequences of suntans like skin cancer and wrinkling of the skin, which is why some people prefer tanning lotions.

Tanning lotions are usually found at department stores and pharmacies and are easy to acquire. Most sunless tanning lotions include

DHA as a primary ingredient. DHA or dihydroxyacetone is found in some plants such as sugarcane, and while it appears colorless once you add this product to your skin the chemicals within it and within your skin react to each other creating a browning effect.

This tanned effect usually lasts about five to seven days however it depends on the brand. The main drawback of tanning lotions is the difficulty involved in getting an even tan. This difficulty is made simple with spray-on tans or airbrush tanning.