What Are The Areas To Monitor For Your Waterproofing Issues?

Waterproofing failure can happen almost anywhere on a building – especially if construction processes were skipped or rushed. However, key areas to consistently have your building manager or strata committee check include the following.


If you are in an apartment or commercial building, flat roof surfaces bear the brunt of the bad weather. When you next have significant rainfall, access the roof to look for areas where the water is ponding.

See if there are blocked drains and or identify areas where you can see the water getting into spots it should not. If you are looking for waterproofing experts then you can hire the best building waterproofing contractors via https://mcgillbrothers.com/. 

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It is also worthwhile looking at internal areas underneath to see if there is a seepage issue through ceiling spaces.


Faulty plumbing such as leaky drains, water pipes, or irrigation can be difficult to spot, that’s why regular checks need to be made. Look for blockages, drips, or leaks, no matter how small, and rectify the issue promptly.


Windows and doors have seals that are designed to keep water out, and as such, need to be regularly checked to ensure they remain impervious to the elements, day in day out.

We recommend checking to make sure the seals aren’t cracked. If you find they are damaged in some way prompt attention is important to ensure there are no secondary issues that become apparent.


At the end of the day, your building needs regular attention. Regular checks of the building to ensure integrity is a good way to ensure you catch any waterproofing issues early. Doing so can end up saving you thousands of dollars – both in terms of damage and repair costs.