Alternative Back Pain Therapy

Back pain therapy is becoming or should I say has become a very common and needed mode of helping thousands and if not millions of people around the world with acute or chronic back pain.

Depending on what is going on, a person's back will depend on the back pain therapy recommended.

Before any back pain therapy should be used, a physician or medical professional should assess and diagnosis your back problem first.

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It is important to find out exactly what is causing your back pain so that the appropriate treatment can be used to give you pain relief.

Usually, an x-ray would be taken to see what and if there is anything obvious going on. If nothing suspicious is found and the back pain continues, usually an MRI is recommended.

Once a diagnosis for back pain has been determined, then a plan by your doctor will be laid out.

Physical Therapy Treatments

If surgery is not necessary, most often physical therapy will be recommended. A physical therapist will help to strengthen the back with specific exercises to be done there and at home. By strengthening the back, you will be able to prevent back injuries.

They may also do aqua therapy (done in a pool), therapeutic ultrasound, heat, and (TENS) Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. Physical therapy helps with maximizing the quality of life for those who have had traumatic injuries and they have many specialties including orthopedics, pediatrics geriatrics, amputees, and more. Their education consists of not only a 4-year university degree but also a master's and doctorate qualifications.