What Services Are Offered During End-Of-Lease Cleaning In Melbourne?

Tenants know that they get to move into clean, well-maintained properties. It is required that the property be kept clean before any new tenants move in. Residents are expected to keep their property clean throughout their tenancy. The majority of deep cleaning occurs before tenants move out.

Landowners are entitled to return their property in its original condition. New tenants must pay a bond to secure their property. The bond money will be deducted by the landowner if any repairs or cleaning services are needed when tenants move out. Tenants who can return the home in good order are entitled to the entire bond money.

Cleaning companies offer a service called the "end of lease cleaning" to address this problem. The cleaners of bond cleaning in Melbourne are trained to clean the entire rental home. This service is inexpensive and tenants will be able to recover all of their bond money.

end of lease cleaning

Services for end-of-lease cleaning include:

  • Floor and room cleaning from top-to-bottom

  • Treatment of pest infestations and moulds

  • Clean driveway, garden, and patio

  • Window, wall and door cleaning

  • Carpet steam cleaning

  • Debris removal

  • Other cleaning services, like gutter cleaning, fall under the landlord's responsibility.

You can also check reviews about that company. It helps you to hire the best end of lease services for your property in Melbourne.