Glass Fencing: Protect Your Swimming Pool With These Tips

Framed glass fences have frames made of metal that is surrounded by glass and metal posts between. Semi-framed fences do not have frames of metal all around the glass, but they still use metal posts to install. 

Glass fencing from that is completely frameless, however, isn't made of any other materials besides glass and a few steel bolts that aid in the installation. It's not that difficult to choose the type you want to go with since each one is sure to look stunning in the vicinity of your pool. 

But one thing to think about is the maintenance requires. Glass fences that are frameless are very popular in the present, as they require less polishing and are easy to clean due to the fact that it contains little or no metal components. 

What is the best way to put up glass fencing? The installation of glass fencing is not as difficult as the other fence materials. All you have to do is take note of the same guidelines such as:

  • Consider the area in which you'll put the fence, and the space you will be using to install it. It is important to take a thorough measurement and be specific with your measurements to ensure that you are able to put up the proper size glass fence.

  • It's a great idea to draw a chalk line of the area you would like to place your fence, so you can be precise when you install it.

  • Be cautious in drilling the hole that will be used as posts for glass fences. Be sure to place the glass panels in an area that is safe for drilling to ensure they won't be damaged.