Thinning Hair In Women

The condition of thinning hair is known as alopecia in the medical world, although it is more common in men than women. Thinning hair usually starts at the crown area and slowly spreads to the surrounding area, resulting in gradual thinning over time. 

In some cases, however, thinning is achieved evenly and is only visible when the entire head area becomes noticeably thinner in hair density. To get more information about the thinning hair women visit

thinning hair women

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Heredity and hair thinning in women

Hair loss in women is difficult to treat, mainly because of its rare cases. In women, the most common cause of hair loss is heredity.

Therefore, if someone has relatives who experience this, it is hoped that the same will happen to all other female family members. For men, the situation is not a problem, as short hair or even a well-shaved style will prevail, which can fix the problem. 

Common causes of hair loss in women

In women, the reasons behind their thinning hair can be as follows:

* Poor diet. A poor diet here means that the intake of food and nutrients a woman receives is far below the needs of women. One of the possible results is thinning hair.

The reason is, women experience menstrual periods which can make them lose iron. Severe iron deficiency or iron deficiency can make hair loss more difficult.

   * Take medicine. Using drugs, as well as contraceptives, steroids, and other drugs that help lower blood pressure can also cause long-term hair loss.