All About the Immigrating in Canada As An Investor

There are certain steps that a potential migrant must follow while applying as immigrant investors to Canada:

• Application kit – The first step on the part of migrants is to obtain and print the application package that includes the application guide and all the relevant forms to be filled.

• Completed applications – This step requires migrants to fill out the form carefully and honestly. All forms of the application for permanent residence in Canada; Background / Declaration; Additional family information; economy class; Use of Representative and Investor Recognition must be filled in correctly as a complete form without being processed and sent back. The forms can be charged either at the computer or by hand depending on the convenience of immigrants. If you want to know more about the immigrant visa, then you can check this link.

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• True visa office – It is imperative on the part of immigrants to submit his application at the visa office serving the nationality or the country where he has been lawfully resident for the past year. To be on the safe side immigrants must examine the application procedure at this visa office sites because it can vary from one visa office to another.

• Payment of fees – There are certain things that need immigrants to pay the cost of:

Rights Cost permanent residence for himself and his partner accompanies if applicable.

It must be paid after approval and before Citizenship and Immigration

Canada issued a permanent resident visa.