How To Relieve Neck and Shoulder Pain

As a chiropractor who practices, I see a large number of patients with neck pain that began to affect one or both shoulders. Often, the opposite happens where shoulder injury worsens the neck.

Many conditions of the neck and lower back pain affect shoulders and visa versa. There is a good reason why this happened and I would use this article to explain it.

In the kinematic chain, adjacent function / health joints depend on each other. Simple examples of interference between joints in the kinematic chain and the resulting consequences are as follows; Someone slid their ankles, stepped on the ankle for several days and then developed secondary knee pain in weakness caused by an injured ankle. 

If limp disorders or running styles continue for each time period, irritation can involve the hips and eventually return low. Ankle, knee, hip, sacroiliac joints and low back connections all form kinematic chains.

In the same kinematic chain but more complicated, cervical and thoracic spine spine intertwined with shoulder joints. The shoulder consists of a series connection that allows a large number of movements in a number of aircraft.

Regarding the spine – especially the spine of the cervix and thoracic – joints found in the spinal column have a much less movement than most other joints in the body.