Business Card Design and Print – Tips for Business

Whatever your business area, your business cards are a reflection of your company and its services. While you need to spend time and effort creating the perfect business card, its style, design, texture and even the font used must be carefully thought through to ensure that your business looks the way you want. is reflected.

Card Design and Print – Which Color to Choose?

Handing over your business card to a potential customer is one of the most important moments in your business relationship. Make sure you put your best foot forward with each customer and business card you present. We recommend using the color on your business card. Using color draws in the customer and ensures that they react to the key messages you want to promote.

Gradients of purples and creams or softer colors will create a more creative feel while using strong solid colors will promote the suggestive side of your business. Vibrant and bright colors ultimately make your business appear creative and forward-thinking. If you are looking for a custom business card then visit

Card Design & Print – Which Font?

As with the choice of color, choosing the right font is vital to present the right corporate image to potential businesses and customers. It's probably best not to overdo your cards with different fonts and with this in mind, no more than two should be used. Probably a generic font and a bold version of it for a business title.

Card Design & Print – Got a Logo? use it!

At this point you're probably going to ask why I wouldn't put my logo on my business card, some businesses may not have a design, others may not recognize the importance of it, and eventually, others may not. Forgot to use it. Let this be your reminder. Forgetting to put your logo on a card is the biggest sin, haven't even designed one yet? 

Well, that's another thing. Place your logo prominently on the business card, but remember that there is only a small amount of space on the card, so don't overpower it. Make sure you use a higher resolution version of 300dpi or more as this will ensure that you get a photo quality representation from your printer.