Migrate To Australia Through Skilled Nomination Visa

Australia is a land of numerous visiting places, along with the best weather. Moreover, it has become more popular nowadays for a strong economy, several opportunities for Foreign Skilled Employees.

Furthermore, these days there are plenty of alternatives for skilled professionals to land and work in the country. There are various popular visa options for individuals who are interested in migrating to the country. You can also hop over this link so as to get the visa for Australia with proper required rules and regulations.

Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190) - Global Vision Immigration

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Basic Characteristics:

At the same time, Australia Working Visa is a points-based visa for skilled professionals who either nominated by a region or country or sponsored by qualified relatives residing in any designated area of Australia. The visa is valid for 4 years and worked and resided in a particular area is a must for these visa holders. 


As mentioned earlier, to apply for this visa, a good individual must be nominated by a region or a state government or sponsored by the relatively qualify. There are basic requirements that must be met before applying for this visa. An applicant must:

  • Have an invitation
  • Aged between 18-50 years old when the invitation was issued
  • Be and nominate a suitable job with skill and qualifications of the applicant and the list of relevant skilled jobs
  • Get Skills Assessment carried out by the relevant assessing authority as per the applicant's nominated occupation
  • Get at least 60 points on the test
  • Meet the English language requirements
  • Satisfying character and health requirements


This visa allows the applicant and any dependents for temporary learning, working, and living in the designated area of Australia. Traveling in and out of Australia while the force on this visa and once certain conditions have been met, he also opened the way to Australia Permanent Residency through the Skilled Regional Visa.