4 Ways to Build a Secure Mobile App

The digital era and cellular technology are already at the front of the world. Many people now use their mobile devices. These people do various random activities on their mobile devices, such as: Browse the Internet, connect with friends via social media, play games, or interact with any mobile application.

However, as mobile applications grow in popularity and demand for mobile applications, many of them are vulnerable to possible attacks. Some of today's most popular applications, including conducting financial transactions, uploading sensitive data, and linking to personal information, have been subject to various attacks.

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How to develop secure mobile applications

1. Develop as an attacking mobile app

When building a mobile app, always pay attention to the attitude of the attacker. Ask questions that you think will help protect your mobile application, such as: For example, whether you can easily use the developed application, is the code easy to crack, or is the mobile application easy to hack.

2. Work with your security team from the start

Building an app is not a one-step process. Includes planning, research, brainstorming, prototyping, multiple testing, and more. Regardless of what stage you are developing your application, make sure you include security as part of the core elements.

3. Always do tests and other tests

Testing your mobile app is an important step you need to take to ensure that your app can withstand a potential attack. In a recent survey, 60% of developers were unsure about the security of their mobile applications but still didn't do anything.

4. Be aware of third party vulnerabilities

While there is nothing wrong with providing free or paid third-party codes, you should remember that these codes are not always secure. Many developers try to avoid this whenever possible. If necessary and there is an urgent need to add some third-party code, be sure to read reviews and do a thorough study of third-party modules.