Why Pediatric Dental Care Is Important In Aiea?

Whether your son or daughter is one week old or a year old, their dental health is vitally important. During the first year of life, a lot happens in the child's mouth, namely the eruption of his or her first baby teeth.

As for the first few months, your baby's toothless smile will make you think that taking care of his teeth is easy.  Without teeth, there's nothing to do or worry about, right? To know more about dental care, you can also consult the best Aiea pediatric dentist via https://hawaiifamilydental.com/aiea/.

Although baby teeth are the first to appear, taking care of them is important to ensure that the permanent teeth are inserted and the overall oral health comes from the right foot. It all starts even before the baby's teeth come out.

Below are the possible dental complications that can arise from neglecting baby teeth:

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Children, even babies, eat foods rich in sugar. Sugar reacts with bacteria in the mouth and forms a coating on the teeth and gums called plaque.

This plaque produces acids that destroy tooth enamel. In children who have teeth, the teeth can come off and the enamel has cavities. These cavities can then be passed down from the permanent teeth that grow under them.

Bad breath

Bad breath is common in adults and children. In children, bad breath can signal gum problems, diabetes, chronic sinusitis, and digestive problems.


Bruxism, more commonly known as teeth grinding, is common in children. Oftentimes, this tooth grinding is accidental. As long as bruxism is not caused by poor oral hygiene, regular visits to the dentist will diagnose the problem early and damage to the baby teeth and associated pain can be minimized.