Thailand Holidays – Get Scuba Learning Course Now

Once you have your PADI Open Water Diver qualification, you can go for more advanced qualifications or just go scuba diving for fun. Again, Thailand has some of the cheapest fun diving and liveaboards in the world. You can find fun dives around the island of Koh Tao for as little as £12 per tank or £10 if you bring your own equipment.

Liveaboards can be found for all budgets and can last from two days to two weeks. Staying on a boat and diving each day is definitely a good way to expand your diving skills and get a wide variety of dives in during your holiday. You can also get scuba diving course from

A typical four-day/four-night liveabord trip in Thailand starts at around £400 and will often include multiple destination dives, accommodation, and diving equipment.

There are many different dive locations around mainland Thailand and its islands, such as Phuket, Koh Samui, and Phi Phi.  There are plenty of spectacular dive sites in this region, with sightings of whale sharks not uncommon. Visibility is around 30 to 40 meters in good weather conditions and the sheer abundance of marine life makes diving there something very special.

Thailand holidays are usually associated with relaxing on a beach or hunting a bargains in a busy Bangkok market, but learning to dive in Thailand is something that will make your holiday even more memorable.

Scuba diving is a fun experience and will give you skills and memories that will last a lifetime and have a huge impact on where you will want to spend your holidays in the future.

How to Snorkel: Tips If You Aren’t Good at Swimming

Snorkeling can be a fun hobby that plenty of tourists perform every year at tropical vacation spots like Thailand. Having said that, there are many safety tips that you should keep in mind in order to have a great time snorkeling. To start, you should determine the snorkeling gear you have to use so that you will have the best time in the ocean. Those that haven't snorkeled before will often have a miserable attempt snorkeling because water keeps getting in their masks or they painfully inhale salt water. You can prevent a lot of the frustrations as a first time snorkeler by reading the guides on this website.

When you have never snorkeled before and don't know what you should do, then we strongly recommend you use a travel guide for your first time. Hiring a tour guide is a risk-free choice since a tour company ought to enlighten you the tips you should know in order to stay out of trouble. And if you are struggling with issues while snorkeling, you will be assisted by people with the tour. With that said, tours are more expensive than traveling without a guide or with friends. In the event you do not have someone that can show you the ropes how to snorkel, then utilizing a travel guide is a safe choice.

Second, you have to be capable enough to swim at a moderate level. The most important fact to understand is how to stay afloat without outside help. There are a lot of personal flotation devices you must put on for example wetsuits to give you buoyancy when your energy is spent. Even if you are the best at swimming, you should think about utilizing a rashie. It is difficult to figure out when the currents are beginning to get strong. Dangerous waves can burn your energy and can lead to a deadly situation if you aren't proficient at swimming. It is not unusual for individuals who hang around in shallow waters to get pulled out to dangerous waters by strong riptides. To conclude, strap on a life vest so that you can be safe, and you will not have to think about currents. For more snorkeling tips catered to beginners, you can check out