How To Clean Your Tattoo With Foam Cleanser

Keeping the tattoo clean is very important to the healing process. After all, it was an open wound and acted like a burn with a brush, so it should be treated as such. First of all, your tattoo artist will advise you to keep the area of the tattoo under the foil for between 2 and 24 hours to settle.

Then you need to clean the area, remove excess ink and blood, but also because the tattoo will leak fluid to lubricate. So try to keep the tattoo as clean as possible to avoid infection. It doesn't matter what aftercare you use, but you need to clean it with foam polish to make recovery faster and easier.

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Although the cleanser is gentle on the skin and contains no alcohol or fragrances, you are usually the winner, but I have selected 4 products that are great for skincare in general and especially good for tattooed skin.

Foam cleansers are ideal for sensitive and dry skin and the products are always formulated as delicately as possible. This cleansing, but also nourishing, and soap-free gel is full of Rhealba oat extracts, which are rich in polyphenols that help regulate moisture in the skin and provide extra buoyancy.

This is especially useful if you have a tattoo as it cleanses the skin but also soothes it from swelling or inflammation. It was developed for optimal compatibility and contains no soap, alcohol, or parabens. Hence, it respects the skin in cleansing and moisturizing.