Advanced Features to Upgrade Your Uber-Like Taxi App in Sydney

Your taxi business is showing steady, slow growth. Rides are happening regularly. Given the fluctuating market and new app-based taxi service providers, it has been difficult to build a sustainable enterprise. How can your Uber clone taxi app enhance its competitiveness in this highly ambitious taxi industry ecosystem?

Your business can offer a better experience to customers by adding advanced features to Uber's taxi app.

Let's take a look at essential features for modern apps like Uber.

Scheduled rides

Most taxi booking software allows riders to request a taxi immediately. Australias #1 taxi app-based taxi services recently introduced the concept of scheduled rides. The rider can reserve a taxi 30 minutes up to a month ahead of time by providing pickup and drop-off locations, as well as the date and time.

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Although carpooling is popularized for its ability to reduce carbon footprint, it has been long favored for its ability to lower fares. This idea has been widely adopted by major players and can make your Uber clone taxi app a profit. To get cheaper fares, let your customers ride in the same direction as other passengers.

Click on the SOS/Emergency button

In Sydney, passenger safety is a growing concern. Integrating an emergency button into your taxi app can help you instill safety protocols. To send the current location of the rider to the chosen contacts in an emergency, the rider can press and hold the SOS button. This creates a sense of security for passengers.

Everything You Need to Know About Airport Taxis in Sydney

Airport taxis are often used by people who travel to and from the airport. Taxis are a cost-effective and economical way to transport passengers. You can choose from a variety of airport taxi services, including regular hatchback cars or stretch limousines.

Taxis are easy to find. There are many taxis available in the airport parking lot. It's easy to negotiate on price. There are so many taxis, so the drivers ensure that they offer a fair price so that the customer won't search for other taxi cabs.

In Sydney, airport cabs offers many different services. They offer airport pick-up and drop services, as we all know. Some taxi cabs also offer parcel and luggage delivery. Many companies have special vehicles that are used for freight transport. Some companies can also deliver out of town at very affordable rates.

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In Sydney, airport taxi drivers are trained to take care of customers. To ensure that their drivers can deal with customers well, many companies offer special training to their drivers. These workshops are held frequently throughout the year, and often test drivers' customer service skills.

The issue of corporate social responsibility is taken very seriously by taxi service providers, just like other service industries. Taxi service providers often offer special services for handicapped citizens. To pick up and drop off handicapped passengers, taxi drivers often have a wheelchair in their trunks.

Another question is: How do I hire an airport transportation service? You can search online for taxi companies. Taxis can also be found at designated stops in the city. You can also search online for taxis to compare rates and other features, such as special discounts, promotions, night rates, day tours, and seasonal plans.