Helpful Tips for Malaga Airport VIP service

Most travelers are aware of the various airport offers. These are Malaga Airport tips that you may not have known.

Wi-Fi connection

You can surf free at Malaga airport with your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Simply connect to the Wireless network to access the service page. Here you can choose the sponsored product you wish to use to navigate.

You can also check their website to see if there are any Premium options available without limitations (24-hours to 30-day connection for one or more devices). To understand more about the best Malaga Airport VIP service visit 

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Reserve & Collect

You like shopping, and you're happy to pass by Duty-Free to purchase something. This makes it easier for you, especially if time is tight or you prefer to spend as little time at the airport as possible before you catch your flight.

There are many products to choose from, including cosmetics, confectionery, and perfumes, fashion accessories, liquor and souvenirs, skincare products, sunglasses, fine wines, champagne, and cigarettes.

VIP Lounge

The VIP Lounge of Malaga Airport – Costa del Sol is located on the 2nd Floor of Terminal 3's boarding area. Both passengers with business tickets or associated club cards and passengers paying an appropriate fee can access the VIP lounge of Malaga Airport – Costa del Sol.

The Lounge with Disabled Arrival is open daily from 6 am to 11 pm. It offers journals, tv, and computers as well as Internet access and free Wifi.