The Increasing Need for Certified Ethical Hackers Course

According to a cybersecurity policy document published by PWC, 90% of large organizations experience a security breach at least once a year. To address this threat, companies are looking for ethical hackers who can strengthen corporate networks and prevent cyberattacks by identifying technology vulnerabilities.

The enormous growth rate in information and communication technologies has opened up additional, very attractive entry points for cybercriminals.

Increased need for online certified ethical hacker course ( which is also known as certifieret etisk hacker kurs in the Swedish language).

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The information technology industry is embracing cloud computing, with the main trends being IT outsourcing and virtualization. The transition to cloud computing is characterized by security vulnerabilities that increase the level of cybersecurity threats. Therefore, there is a huge demand for certified ethical hackers.

Businesses need an ethical approach to reap the benefits of cloud computing without compromising data or information security. Therefore, the opportunities for ethical hacking activities are currently increasing.

Cybersecurity is ranked as one of the top threats in the world. This explains the growing potential for ethical hacking for people who are legally certified to hack web servers and crack wireless encryption to exploit security vulnerabilities and identify potential criminal hackers gaining access to systems.

Therefore, security experts emphasize that hiring certified ethical hackers to infiltrate and audit organizational systems should be classified as a basic and mandatory business practice.