The Mediterranean Food Diet

The Mediterranean food diet has attracted great attention in recent years, but actually already exists for thousands of years.  With the online grocery stores, you can not only find mediterranean food but also atlanta halal meat

The typical Mediterranean diet consists of the following features:

1. Relatively high fat intake

While fat is generally a criminal when it comes to health and weight problems, the Mediterranean people get as many as 40% of their calories of fat. Not all fat was created equal, of course – and the Mediterranean diet mostly focused on sources of healthy monounsaturated fats such as olive oil and omega-3 fatty acids from fish. Animal fats such as butter, cream and pork fat and are almost completely excluded from the diet.

2. Consumption of low red meat

The Mediterranean food diet is generally low red meat, which is famous for increasing cholesterol and incidence of heart disease. Mediterranean generally chooses non-fat meat such as fish and poultry, and even then consumed it in a low / medium amount.

3. High fruit, vegetable and carbohydrate intake

Italy is famous for pasta and pizza, and Mediterranean food is no exception. Mediterranean also consumes fruits, vegetables, nuts, nuts, and bread.

4. Regular wine consumption

There is no more Italian than breathing a glass of red wine with food. Even the American Heart Association recommends drinking in a medium number – that is, no more than one glass of wine a day for a woman, and two for a man. It is believed that wine can increase cholesterol levels "good". For those who want to avoid alcohol but still want health benefits, wine juice is a very good substitute.