What Are The Benefits Of Email Backup?

An email backup is a copy of a series of emails that can be recovered if the original email is destroyed or deleted. Email archiving is a form of data protection that protects data from emails by storing them on another storage device. If an email is lost due to data corruption, accidental deletion, theft, or a ransomware attack, the email data can be recovered from the email backup system and the original version of the email.

What are the advantages of email backing up?

The advantages of a stable email archiving system include:

Protection against data loss. 

Emails can easily be accidentally deleted, corrupted due to hardware failure, lost due to intentional deletion, or caught in a ransomware attack. In this case, you can use email backup services via https://www.mailsafi.com/email-archiving to recover data quickly and ensure business continuity.

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Insured compliance. 

Email is managed by various regulatory frameworks. In many industries, email archiving systems can ensure that email is protected and stored according to regulations.

Cost reduction. 

The cost of an email archiving solution is much less than the cost of damage if email data is lost, deleted, or permanently damaged.

What are the capabilities of email backup?

The email filing system must provide:

  • Flexible deployment with cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environment options.
  • Multiple layers of protection against ransomware and other malicious attacks.
  • Optimized search and recovery function that automates the recovery of individual items, mailboxes and folders.
  • Streamlined management tools that make managing backup and restore solutions less time-consuming.
  • Cloud-to-cloud backup options.