What is Hybrid Flooring

If you have been looking for a new timber-looking floor for your home, then you are likely to have come across many different options to choose from. These may include, for example, engineered timber, vinyl, laminate, glue-down vinyl planks, or loose lay vinyl flooring; additionally, you probably keep hearing all about hybrid flooring.

You might think to yourself, what is hybrid flooring? Since it’s a hybrid, what does it combine? Would this be a suitable flooring option for my home? Why is everyone talking about it? If so, all you need to do is keep reading we will help you gain a better understanding of hybrid flooring in Sydney by providing the answers to these questions.

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What Is Hybrid Flooring?

Hybrid flooring is a beneficial combination of two popular types – laminate and vinyl flooring. Both laminate and vinyl planks have been around for many years, and thus have been installed in countless homes. While both can look and feel great, and many people have been perfectly happy with their choice, laminate or vinyl floors are not the best fit for everyone and for all purposes.

Laminate planks can be installed without gluing them to your subfloor, which is advantageous, but it comes with a cost; laminate flooring swells along the joints when it gets wet, even from mopping, overwatering pot plants, or a spilled drink. As such, it’s not waterproof, and for that reason, it cannot be installed in many places.

On the other hand, vinyl flooring can withstand getting wet but require you to glue the planks down to your floor, which can make them harder to replace. You get hybrid flooring by combining the best attributes of both these products without their drawbacks. Hybrid floors are designed to be installed easily as floating floors (like laminate flooring) but can also withstand wetness (like vinyl floors).