What To Pack In A Lightweight Survival Kit

Going out to the wild and camping in the wilderness does not only entail the many things and items you have to carry to complete your wilderness survival gear but also getting familiar with these items and their use or uses. These kits and equipment in your survival gear can be lightweight as well, you just have to search and see what you can carry and what not.

Following are the items that are gonna help you in packing for lightweight survival gear:

A tent, tarp, or something as small as a poncho. Each offers several levels of protection and comfort. When choosing a tent, there are plenty of lightweight tents for 1-3 people on the market today.  They are compressed into small spaces and can weigh less than half a kilogram. Many of the items like tents can be expensive so look out for the best Commando Warrior Survival Kit For Sale before buying. 

Many ultralight backpacks can carry much and won’t weigh much. This should be the last item that you change so that you know the volume and weight-bearing capacity that your gear will need.

Your cooking kit may include a pot for cooking, another pot for drinking, and your cutlery. There are titanium gauges that reduce weight significantly.

There is much lightweight synthetic clothing to choose from. Stay away from natural fibers like cotton, as they absorb too much water. Choose hiking shoes, not only are they lightweight, they breathe well and dry quickly.

Keep eliminating things you don't need. Using your equipment gives you an idea of what you can add, replace, or even leave out of your pocket.