Why Is Tire Rotation Important For Your Vehicle?

The main goal is to wear the tires at the same speed so that the owner can change them all at the same time. Uneven wear causes the tread to wear out faster than usual, forcing owners to buy new ones sooner. 

The tire rotation for rear transverse models is recommended for rear-wheel drive vehicles. That is, the front left moves to the back right and the front right moves from the back to the left. The rear tire moves forward but remains on its original side.

The transverse profile will be used for vehicles with front wheel drive and must be essentially opposite to the rear cross. In this model, the rear left is pointing to the front right and the rear right is pointing to the front left. The front tires move backwards on the same side they were on.

The Model X fits all vehicles and is an acceptable alternative to the rear and front cross models. In this model, the right front is swapped for the left rear. This model is equipped with swapping front left for rear right.

Spinning tires requires some basic tools. With a jack, standard four-way wrench and four parking supports, anyone can turn a tire as long as the surface is flat and hard. It is safer to loosen the nuts before lifting the car in the air. Anyone who is not comfortable with this job can hire a professional to do it at an affordable price.

In extreme cases, the wheels can rust and stick to the body if the tires are not turned. In this case, you need to contact a repair shop that has access to special tools for removing the wheels.